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/ filling / contract manufacturing of resin products, to provide superior quality goods.


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Aiming to be the company taking part in human health by providing high-quality pharmaceutical containers...

The history of the HANSHIN GROUP began in 1920 when Kiichi Takata, the founder of the company, produced glass drug containers using an industrial method localized at Toyama.
After World War II, Makoto Takata, the second-generation proprietor and current CEO, developed sales routes centered around Osaka and founded the HANSHIN YOKI Co., Ltd.
Later on, the group expanded to arrange production sites all over Japan including HANSHIN KASEI KOGYO Co., Ltd.
In 1998, PHARMAPACK Co., Ltd. Osawano factory, obtained a license for manufacturing drugs. This helped the group expand its business as a containers manufacturer with a pharmaceuticals manufactures division.
We are very thankful to everyone who had supported us to keep our business growing for over a century since our founding.

The HANSHIN GROUP companies are planning to endeavor in future regenerative medicine fields including working with induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells, embryonic stem (ES) cells, and adipose stem cells.

The members of the HANSHIN GROUP share the same corporate vision of "Be a person who contributes to the society; be kind to people all the time; work harmoniously with wisdom, courage, and passion with your co-workers to become the region's best business organization." With this vision and the technology and experiences gained over the years since our founding, we aim to continuously grow as a group of companies making next-generation, high-quality pharmaceutical containers and other materials, as well as pharmaceutical products.

We will keep our attitude of "Yes, we will be happy to!" to continuously contribute to a diverse global society. We also would like to regularly improve our company value by increasing the quality of the organizational culture that helps maintain healthy business management and expanding our business performance and sales volume.
Please look for the HANSHIN GROUP's future progress as the powers of our group management are demonstrated.

Junichi Takata
Representative Director and President, ,HANSHIN HOLDINGS Co., Ltd.