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Standard cap

Product information
product name Material W (mm) L (mm) H (mm) Contents (ml)
H1 cap PP φ17.0 14.5
H2 cap PP φ26.0 15.7
H lock cap PP φ33.0 21.0
HB3 cap PP φ30.8 13.7
H8 cap PP φ40.4 14.0
H10 cap PP φ43.1 13.4
HJ-10 PP cap PP φ44.0 14.7
B3 inside plug and cap PP φ30.9 14.0
14 Square cap PP φ57.7 14.8
38φmoisture proof inside plug LDPE φ38.0 16.0
51φmoisture proof inside plug LDPE φ51.0 15.5
product name Material W (mm) L (mm) H (mm) Contents (ml)
HS-5 cap AS φ36.6 15.1
HS-5 Deep cap AS φ37.5 23.5
HS-8 cap AS φ41.2 14.6
HS-8 Deep cap AS φ43.5 25.2
HS-10 cap AS φ44.0 14.4
HS-10 Deep cap AS φ47.2 26.2
HS-250 cap AS φ48.0 13.8
HS10 moisture proof inside plug LDPE φ37.8 15.5

Product information