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Frequently asked questions and answers. If you have questions about our products or on the HANSHIN GROUP, please refer to the following. If you cannot find an answer to your question below, please feel free to contact us.

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About BFS

What is the containers material ?
Polyethylene resin.
Do you manufacture using PP or PET ?
We only use polyethylene.
What type of liquids can be packaged ?
Liquids that can undergo filter sterilization.
Can suspended or viscous liquids be packaged ?
We generally use 0.2 um filters at the time of filling. Suspended or viscous liquids may be incapable of being packaged because they likely will not pass through the filter. We can discuss options for a new system installation and if we can agree on cost and other matters, packaging may be considered.
Can heat-sensitive liquids be packaged ?
Please provide us with more details.
Can we prepare the liquid content and ship it to you for packaging ?
Yes, as long as the liquid is tolerant of filter sterilization (we would like to consult with you about the safety and stability before the actual packaging).
Can pharmaceutical products with high bioactivity be prepared and packaged ?
Please provide us with more details.
Do you offer contract manufacturing of injection drugs ?
Sorry, but we currently do not work with injection drugs.
Do you do drug formulation ?
Sorry, but we do not conduct formulation.
Can you develop a containers that meets our purpose ?
Yes, we can come up with proposals based on your requirements.
Can we only request for the samples ?
Yes. However, even for the samples, we use the same manufacturing system, so please note that you will be charged some fees. Please use the contact form for requesting samples.
Do you sell BFS systems ?
We are a contract manufacturer using the BFS system, and we do not sell BFS systems.
Can you inside plugs, caps, and tubes as well ?
Yes, we can propose these.
Can you suggest secondary packaging material as well ?
Yes, we also have experiences in that area, so we can propose these.
How much does it cost ?
It depends on the type of product, composition, manufacturing method, lot size, shipping method, and other factors. Please use the contact form to inquire.
What is the minimum order?
It depends on the type of product; please use the contact form to inquire.
How long is the delivery time ?
We try our best to meet your requirements and provide the product at the earliest possible time.


Do you have containers other than the ones listed on the website ?
The containers listed on our website are some of the HANSHIN GROUP products. There are many other types of containers available; please let us know what you are looking for.
How many containers in a lot ?
The number of items in a lot depends on the product. Please feel free to contact us for small orders.
We would like to have our own containers, is this possible ?
Yes, absolutely. Using our long-established experience, know-how, and skills, we will propose and develop the most appropriate product for your needs.
Do you handle caps and other supplemental items ?
Yes, we handle all types of packaging items in general. Please feel free to contact us.
Will you give us an estimate ?
Please feel free to contact us. Please provide information about the contents, materials, and lot size.
Can I request informational documents ?
We have many informative booklets to introduce the HANSHIN GROUP and our products. Please contact us through the inquiry form.
Do you offer customer service ?
Please let us work with you. We will be responsible for handling your needs from the beginning of your order to the delivery of the products. We also have an established after-sales service. One of the HANSHIN GROUP's goals is to achieve a high level of trust from the customer as well as to achieve high product quality.
Can you introduce us to some filling manufacturers ?
Yes, we can. However, we have companies within the HANSHIN GROUP that can provide this service. Please feel free to contact us.
Inquiry through telephone.
Inquiry through email.
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